Chastity Promise

On August 20th, a group of young adults at our parish in Dallas, Texas, made a promise to live chastity until marriage.  The palpable joy that radiated from them was a testimony of the fruit of this commitment they made.

We share with you below the text of the brief chronicle written by one of our IVE priests who works with this group and helped to bring this about.

You can find the original chronicle in Spanish here.

Chastity Promise | St. Bernard of Clairvaux Church - Dallas, TX

Our founder taught us by example and left in writing for those who come after us, that “Preference should always be given to apostolate among young people, as Vatican II said: Young people should become the first to carry on the apostolate directly to other young persons.

A year ago we were able to start the young adult group Voces Verbi (Voices of the Word) in our parish of St. Bernard, Dallas, Texas. During the past 5 months, every Tuesday, we met for talks on Theology of the Body, following the teachings of St. John Paul II.

The objective of the course was to learn how to live chastity and find one’s vocation. On Friday, August 20, the feast of St. Bernard, 23 young men and women made a promise of chastity until marriage.

It was very heartening for the parishioners to see this kind of witness. But even more so for the priest who lives his life always thinking of the holiness of the souls that God entrusts to him: how encouraging it is to see souls who put effective means to walk towards Heaven: some of them left friendships in order to live their faith better, others began relationships seeking to live their courtship well, and I witnessed many other effects of grace in consultations and confessions.

I commend these young people with great ideals to your prayers, so that God may keep them strong and courageous in this great commitment they have begun.

P. Luis Prado IVE

“Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of true love.”
— St. John Paul II

Enjoy these pictures and see the real joy that comes with this commitment!