St. Louis de Montfort’s example and spirituality has deeply marked our Religious Family as seen in our Fourth Vow of Marian Slavery according to his method, and in the numerous citations of his writings and explicit reference to his teaching found throughout our Constitutions and Directory of Spirituality.

This influence of St. Louis de Montfort is also noted in the church of Our Lady of Sorrows at the IVE Seminary in San Rafael, Argentina where our Religious Family began. The central stained glass window depicts St. Louis de Montfort, flanked by the two archangels Rafael and Gabriel.

Elsewhere in Argentina, a large bas-relief medallion of the saint was given by Fr. Buela to the Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan and is currently mounted on marble with the inscription “Totus Tuus” below. This image of Montfort is found to the right of the camarin of Our Lady, in a side alcove beside the Basilica’s high altar, and recalls the Total Consecration made by both seminarians and sisters of our Religious Family around the world according to the method of St. Louis de Montfort before the image of Our Lady of Lujan, Mother of our Vocations.