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Delegation (Tajikistan & Kazakhstan)

Apostolic Houses
Community Santa Teresa del Niño Jesús in Dushanbe

Mission Highlight: Sui Iusis Missio

Map_Tajikistan_surrounding_countriesUnlike territories within a diocese, the Church in Tajikistan is cared for as a Sui Iuris mission entrusted by St. John Paul II in 1997 to the care of the IVE.  Writing in the fall of 2017, the IVE missionaries explain, “In 1997, the Holy Father Pope John Paul II entrusted to our little Institute not only the care of the faithful Catholics in this small country, but also the sowing of the Church there in Central Asia.” In 2017 and 2018, the first two  Catholic priest ever from Tajikistan we ordained, both members of our Religious Family. In this springtime of vocations, we also celebrate the perpetual vows of another vocation from Tajikistan to the female branch. 


Photos from the missions

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