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Lay Missionaries Arrive in Guyana

The Sisters in Guyana are so happy to have welcomed two lay missionaries to their community. Allison Levitas and Sandra Chamberlin, both from Maryland, arrived in Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Georgetown, Guyana early in the morning of February 17, 2009. They continued their journey for another 3 hours in automobile, speedboat, and another automobile before arriving at their destination, Charity, Essequibo Coast.

These young volunteers have come with the desire to ‘be at the service of Christ’ and to serve Him in this special way during the Season of Lent. They left their families, friends, and country with a great spirit of generosity and have found themselves in a country and environment so in need of Christ’s love.

The main focus of their missionary work is the children. Allie and Sandy are organizing and running ‘after-school activities’ for children throughout the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon River. (The area of mission served by the IVE Fathers and SSVM sisters) From the moment they arrived, they have not lost a moment to learn about the culture, to meet the people, and to truly spread the joy that comes with being a Catholic Christian. It is already obvious that the Lord is blessing their magnanimous spirit with an abundance of graces and fruits for their apostolate – they are not able to walk down the street without immediately attracting the children, who are so starved for love and attention. The first day of the after-school activities had an amazing turnout of 45 children. Since that day, the number has steadily risen. The children are so eager to learn about Jesus’ love for them and to experience it in playing with and getting to know these two lay missionaries.

Allie and Sandy are also helping the Sisters with their regular apostolate, visiting the homes, working in the sacristy, teaching catechism, etc. We are very grateful to Allie and Sandy for their generosity in answering the Lord’s call to serve Him in this way. The work that they are doing here will have a lifetime impact on each and every one of the souls that they are touching. Please pray for the continued fruits of their work and for more young people to be generous in giving their time and talents in helping the missions of the Church throughout the world. Have a Blessed Lent!

To follow the adventures of Allie and Sandy, visit their blog.