Vita.Consecrata.veilingWe are offering a ten part video series to highlight the different aspects of the religious life through the words of Blessed John Paul II’s 1996 Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhoration Vita Consecrata.

Our hope is that these short videos will introduce viewers to the Church’s rich understanding of consecrated life, while also sharing our story as a religious family founded after the Second Vatican Council during the pontificate of Blessed John Paul II (IVE priests founded in 1984, SSVM sisters founded in 1988).

The videos are available in our Vocations section as well as on our YouTube channel.  Each video includes a complete transcript of the video under “description”.  Perhaps these introductions to Vita Consecrata may be useful for individuals, discernment groups, and youth groups who wish to use a visual aid to the reading of the document especially during the upcoming Year for Consecrated Life in 2015 announced by Pope Francis.Vita.Consecrata.Series

For further on-line references, the Vatican website provides a summary list of the Ecclesiastical and Papal Magisterium on Consecrated Life from the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.

We entrust this project especially to Our Lady of Lujan, mother of our vocations to the consecrated life.

Videos in the Series:

Vita Consecrata – 1 0f 10 – Introduction to Consecrated Life and the Evangelical Counsels (#1, #16b)

Vita Consecrata – 2 of 10 – The Trinity and the Evangelical Counsels (#21)

Vita Consecrata – 3 of 10 – Why Profess Religious Vows? (#87)

Vita Consecrata – 4 of 10 – What is the Vow of Chastity? (#88)

Vita Consecrata – 5 of 10 – What is the Vow of Poverty? (#89)

Vita Consecrata – 6 of 10 – What is the Vow of Obedience? (#91)

Vita Consecrata – 7 of 10 – The Vows and Community Life (#92)

Vita Consecrata – 8 of 10 – Unbounded Generosity and the Call to Young People (#104) (#106)

Vita Consecrata – 9 of 10 – To Families (#107)

Vita Consecrata – 10 of 10 – Closing Prayer to Mary (#112)