Religious Vocation: a Call from God

You did not choose me, but I chose you. (Jn 15:16)

“It is God who, from within, inspires in souls a desire to embrace…consecrated life.” Directory of Vocations, 23

“The experience of a vocation is unique and indescribable, and is only perceived as a gentle breeze of the clarifying touch of grace. The vocation is a breathing of the Holy Spirit, who, at the same time as he genuinely shapes our fragile human reality, shines a new light into our hearts. He instills an extraordinary power that merges our existence into the divine enterprise.”
Bl. John Paul II, Rome, March 17, 1982

“To ‘put out into the deep’ is to take the demands of the Gospel seriously and thoroughly: go, sell what you possess (Mt 19:21). It is the longing of our restless heart, yearning to possess the Infinite. It is the impetus of the saints and martyrs who gave everything for God.”
Directory of Spirituality of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara, 216


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