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A Beautiful Baby Shower in Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Do you like baby showers?  Well, you would have loved the one we had recently at St. George’s Church in Bridgeport.  It was a beautiful sign of a community’s generosity and the unity of the Church.  A small but active group of ladies from Puerto Rico and Guatemala, led by Mercedes, one of very active […]

In Memoriam: M. Maria Mater Mundi Salvatoris (1980-2017)

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The Lord has called one of our young missionary sisters to Himself.  Mother Maria Mater Mundi Salvatoris Quizhpe Cuenca, SSVM, aged 36, was the local superior of our community in Mexico which cares for elderly diocesan priests.  She died in Mérida, Mexico in the early hours of January 10, 2017 following a brain aneurysm on […]

RISE Bay Area Conference 2016: Young Adult, Youth and Families

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Our Religious Family in Santa Clara, California hosted the 2nd Annual RISE Bay Area at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace from November 4 – 5, 2016. With special events for Catholic Young Adults, a day for Youth, and talks for Adults: Parents, Teachers, Catechists, the RISE Bay Area 2016 seeks to provide a setting where questions about life’s […]

Recent Videos about Our Sisters

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Over the past few months a variety of media services have produced videos related to our sisters: perpetual vows in Washington, DC, highlight on vocations from Western Massachusetts, church tour of the Monastery of the Precious Blood in Brooklyn, and a keynote address at the GIVEN Forum.  We share them here with you — enjoy! […]

CMSWR: Women Religious in America

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The CMSWR — Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious — is an organization of women religious in the United States.  Major superiors and their vicars from many congregations across the country collaborate in various initiatives for the “full flowering” of religious life in America and the needs of the New Evangelization. Information about upcoming […]

Update from Our Sisters in Academics: Mary Un-Tier of Knots and Medieval Liturgical Rites of Consecrated Life

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We honor two of our sisters whose hidden apostolate in academics is making news! Mary Un-Tier of Knots in her Patristic Context  We congratulate  Sister Maria del Fiat Miola, SSVM on the publication of her first academic article:  “Mary as Un-tier and Tier of Knots: Irenaeus Reinterpreted” in the current issue of the Journal of Early Christian Studies (Volume 24, Number […]

Summer 2016 Highlights: May and June

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The summer has just a few more short weeks left as we begin to look back with gratitude for the many special apostolates we were able to participate in across the country.  In this first of two posts, we look at the beautiful opportunities we had to serve families, youth and young adults during May and June. May 2016 The […]