• Provincial House in Tiabaya (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Home for Abandoned Children and those from difficult family situations in Chuquibamba- Arequipa (Diocese of Chuquibamba)
  • Aspirancy in Tiabaya (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Work of Mercy for Disabled Children in Tiabaya (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Convent in Camaná- Arequipa (Diocese of Chuquibamba)
  • Convent in Arequipa (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Novitiate in Arequipa (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Juniorate House of Studies in Arequipa (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Convent in S.Antonio-Camaná-Arequipa (Diocese of Chuquibamba)
  • Monastery in Arequipa (Diocese of Arequipa)
  • Convent in Cusco (Diocese of Cusco)

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About our work of mercy in Arequipa:

“I Believe in Divina Peregrina” (in Spanish with English subtitles) (1:37) — Interview with one of our sisters serving in the home for disabled children in Arequipa.

“I Beleive in Grecia” (in Spanish with English subtitles) (1:37) About one of the single mothers who almost aborted her child, and whose baby now lives in our home for disabled children in Arequipa.

“Mother Anima’s visit in Peru” (in Dutch) (14:17) — Dutch journalists accompany our General Superior, Mother Anima Christi Van Eijk, SSVM, on her visit to our various missions in Peru.

“A Day in Our Monastery” (in Spanish) (9:27)

“20 Years in Peru: 1991-2011” (music with Spanish text) (29:04) — early photos of Peru, our first mission outside of Argentina begun only three years after our foundation in 1988.