Our Religious Family was born in San Rafael, (Mendoza), Argentina on March 25, 1984. Four years later Father Buela founded the sisters also in this small city. Today the Province of “Our Lady of Luján” includes all the houses in Argentina and Chile. The sisters have 15 communities in Argentina and 2 communities in Chile. For complete contact information and lists of missions in Argentina, click here.  To see photo galleries from our missions in Argentina click here.

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The following is a short presentation of our communities in Argentina beginning with those in San Rafael:

Provincial House

Provincial House “Our Lady of Luján”

Houses of Formation

Aspirancy “Blessed Laura Vicuña”
Postulancy “St. Bernadette of Lourdes”
Novitiate “Saint Joseph”
Juniorate “St. Catherine of Siena”

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Monastery “St. Teresa de los Andes”

Homes of Mercy (The “City of Charity”)

Home for Handicapped “Our Lady of the Divine Providence”
Home “St. Gianna Beretta Molla”
Home “Servant of God Rosa Giovanetti”
Community “Saint Joseph Moscati”


Isabel la Católica School

Other Communities Outside San Rafael

Community “Saint Teresa Journet” (General Alvear)
Community “Sister Lourdes del Santísimo Sacramento” (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe)
Community “Blessed Ludovica De Angelis” (La Plata)
Community “Blessed Tránsito Cabanillas” (City Bell, La Plata)
Community “Servant of God María Crescensia Pérez” (Campo de Mayo, Buenos Aires)

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Provincial House “Our Lady of Luján”
This community is formed of the Provincial Superior with a group of sisters who are mainly dedicated to assisting the different needs of the other communities of the Province. They also collaborate with different apostolates such as catechesis, education, etc.

Houses of Formation

Aspirancy “Blessed Laura Vicuña”
The community of the Aspirancy receives girls who from an early age have manifested the desire to enter religious life. These girls are not sisters yet, but live in community together with the Mistress of Aspirants and some sisters who assist her in their formation.

Once the aspirants finish high school and reach the adequate spiritual and human maturity, they can fulfill their desire to give themselves to the Lord by entering the Novitiate. At present there are 40 aspirants between the ages of 11 and 17.

Postulancy “St. Bernadette of Lourdes”
This is the first house for the candidates to the religious life.

The community is formed by the Mistress of Postulants, her assistants and 12 postulants who are preparing themselves for the Novitiate period. During the time of Postulancy they are introduce to the principles of religious life.

Novitiate “Saint Joseph”Fotos para pedido 105
During the Novitiate, the sisters are instructed about the spiritual life and the charism of the Institute in order to prepare them for their first profession of vows. They recieve the religious habit, the white veil, and their religous names. In addition to the intellectual and spiritual formation, noviciado the novices begin pastoral work on the weekends helping in some of our Homes of Mercy, such as the homes for orphans and disabled children and adults.

By the grace of God, our religious Institute has been blessed with numerous vocations. At present our Novitiate House in Argentina has over 20 novices.

Juniorate “St. Catherine of Siena”Estudiando
At the Juniorate House of Studies, newly professed sisters who will work as missionaries in many different places of the world receive their formation. There are about 40 sisters in the house, from every part of Argentina and Chile. 100_0433 The program of studies focuses on theology and philosophy and lasts three years. After that, the sisters are ready for the mission in any part of the world.

They also take part in many pastoral works on the weekends: assisting at the Homes of Mercy with disabled and elderly women, Nueva imagen (1) girls and young children; helping other sisters at our school; teaching catechism in various parishes; visiting families in their homes; caring for the sick in the hospital. Throughout the year, the sisters also lead summer camps, organize children’s oratory, and faciliate the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Monastery “St. Teresa de los Andes”
f 8 All of our apostolic works are supported by the prayers and sacrifices of our contemplative sisters, who through a hidden life f 14 offer themselves for the Church, Her missionaries, and all the children of God.

The contemplative sisters in Argentina devote themselves in a particular way to praying for world peace.

The City of Charity

k 5The “City of Charity” is an important work of our Religious Family. In these Homes of Mercy, our sisters care for disabled women, mothers who otherwise would not be able to care for their babies, orphaned children or those from troubled families, and young girls who have been abandoned or separated from their families. The City of Charity also includes similar homes for boys and men, which are run by the IVE priests and seminaries. Listed below are the homes which our sisters staff and operate, where 19 sisters care for 70 women and children.

Home for Disabled Children and Women, “Our Lady of Divine Providence”Imagen2k 21
An important wing of the house is the “Home for Mothers.” In order to support mothers in crisis pregnancies, some years ago we opened a special wing dedicated to their care. At present, six mothers with K19H~38B their small children live there and receive assistance. Several of the mothers are disabled or have serious psychiatric problems which also require them to have additional care in order to raise their children. In the majority of cases, they have been the victims of rape. We would like to remark that the house is open not only to disabled mothers, but to all women and babies that need to be saved.

“St. Gianna Beretta Molla” Home for Abandoned Children
CIMG0814i 24 In this house, our sisters receive children from very poor families. Most of them have had to be separated from their parents by civil authorities as a result of serious family problems. They have been entrusted to our care so that we can give them a safe, loving environment where they can grow up, and where, by the grace of God, their hurt souls may be “healed.” Many of these children have serious CIMG0803 psychological problems which require constant medical attention.

Once the children reach adolescence, the girls move to the Servant of God Rosa Giovanetti Home, and the boys to the St. John Bosco Home (IVE). We give special attention to preserving and sustaining sibling relationships even when brothers and sisters may be living in different Homes.

“Servant of God Rosa Giovanetti” Home for Teenage Girls
This home was founded to receive adolescent girls who have been abandoned or separated from their families. Some of these girls are from the St. Gianna Beretta Molla Home. We work to offer them an integral human formation and spiritual formation, providing them the necessary means to become good Christian women. Those who go on to university studies or who begin working after high school are housed in an adjacent building, where they are able to transition into independent adult life.

In all of these Works of Mercy, we trust in Our Lord who loves in a special way all children and youth, espcially those who suffer. May He help us to make known His boundless love to all the souls entrusted to our care.

Community “Saint Joseph Moscati”
We find the Suffering Christ present in the sick. For this reason, our sisters work as nurses, caring for patients in a governement-run hospital. In addition to their medical work, the sisters offer spiritual accompaniment to the sick and their families, as well as to the medical staff of nurses and doctors.

Our sisters wear the white habit when they work as nurses; the rest of the time, they wear the typical gray and blue habit of our Institute.

Isabel la Católica School
gs22 pabellon del colegio, ahora salon multiple Education is one of the main focal points of the culture. With this in mind, “Isabel la Católica School” was opened in March of 1992, with the intention of answering the difficult situations facing children and young people, eager of great ideals and true answers to their yearnings.

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Most of the students come from low-income families. Children and young ladies who belong to the Homes “St. Gianna Beretta Molla,” “St. John Bosco” and “Rosa Giovanetti” also attend the school.

About 700 children attend the school from Kindergarden through High School.

Communities Outside San Rafael

Community “Saint Teresa Journet” (General Alvear)
The sisters in this community focus on parochial apostolate. They teach catechism, bring Holy Communion to the sick and give spiritual assistance in various nursing homes of the city. The sisters also extend their pastoral work through the permanent mission by visiting homes and organizing groups for altar boys and for ladies at the parish.

Community “Sister Lourdes del Santísimo Sacramento” (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe)
Oratoriomona In the city of Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe, Argentina) the sisters are in charge of an Oratory and also help teach elavoracion de pasteles catechism in other parishes in a very poor and risky area of the town. They work with youth, organize a group for altar boys, carry out a permanent mission and provide spiritual assistance to the sick.

IMG_0015Community “Blessed Ludovica De Angelis” (La Plata)
IMG_0357This community collaborates with apostolic work in three parishes. Their apostolate includes catechesis, liturgy, classes in two schools, visitations of families and spiritual assistance to the sick. They also are in charge of the Oratory “St. John Bosco,” an after school program for children from very poor families.

Community “Blessed Tránsito Cabanillas” (City Bell, La Plata)

The sisters in this community are in charge of a Kindergarten program.

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