The Province of the Immaculate Conception
Our Lady, under the title of her Immaculate Conception, is the patroness of the United States of America. She also is the patroness of our Province which includes the United States, Canada, Guyana, Mexico and Suriname.

Our sisters began the mission in the United States in 1994, at the invitation of the Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn. We later began working in Canada in 2004 and in Guyana in 2007. Most recently, we opened our mission in Mexico in September of 2014.

Our Province includes twenty communities: fifteen in the United States, two in Canada, one in Guyana, one in Mexico, and one in Suriname:

United States



    • Community “Immaculate Conception” serving St. Francis Xavier in Charity and chapels along the Pomeroon River and Essequibo Coast


    • Community “Virgen de Izamal” serving the “Casa del Sacerdote” (a home for elderly priests) in Merida, Yucatan