Roepingen Blauwe Zusters SSVM (4:31) on SSVM Northern Europe YouTube Channel
This video shares the experience of life for many of the Dutch vocations in our Novitiate in Italy.  With stills and some moving film, the short video is accompanied with a song in Italian with Dutch subtitles.  To learn more about our missions in the Netherlands visit [NL] [ENG] or their Facebook Page “Servants of the Lord Northern Europe”.  (You may recognize a number of familiar faces of American missionaries serving throughout the province!)

Come and See 2017 (3:06) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel
Registration is still open for the 2017 “Come and See” (April 7-9) in Washington, DC for women ages 18-35.  Learn more about the event and for registration.

The Blessed Mother – Sr. Maria Theotókos Adams, S.S.V.M. (37:33) on GIVEN Forum
On June 11, 2016 Sr. Theotokos gave the closing keynote address at the GIVEN Forum, a Catholic Young Women’s Leadership Forum sponsored by the CMSWR.  Her talk, “The Blessed Mother, Model of the New Evangelization”, is now available along with all the presentations on the GIVEN Forum YouTube Channel.

Perpetual Profession | Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará (2:41) on Archdiocese of Washington YouTube Channel
On September 14, 2016 His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl presided over the Holy Mass of perpetual profession of five of our sisters at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.  The Archdiocese media team created this beautiful video to cover the event.

Year of Mercy (3:00) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel
Why have a Year of Mercy? Learn about Pope Francis’ initiative and ways that the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word (IVE, Institute of the Incarnate Word, and SSVM, Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara) seek to live out this call in our missions.

Sisters’ First Vows 2015 (short film) (4:37) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel
White veils to blue veils, novices to professed, the first vows stand as one of the most important moments of a religious sister’s journey to the total gift as a “spouse of Christ”.

Musical Credit: “Sweet Mother of My Country”, melody: Gustav Holst (THAXTED 13 13 13 13 13 13), lyrics and arrangement: Sr. Mary Mother of Faith O’Connor, SSVM; performed by the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara Schola.

Come and See 2016 (3:06) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel
2016 “Come and See” (April 8-10) in Washington, DC for women ages 18-35.  Learn more about the event and for registration.

Joy of Consecrated Life (4:32) on the SSVM Asia YouTube Channel
This bilingual (English-Chinese) short video highlights the life of our sisters in Asia and seeks to answer the question of our greatest “secret”: the joy of consecrated life!

Family Day 2015 (2:42) on the IVE Seminary Vimeo Channel
The Religious Family hosted a Family Day on the occasion of the Holy Father’s visit to the US and the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.

Monastic Life in the Middle of Brooklyn (5:37)on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel 
Celebrating the legacy of monastic life in the middle of Brooklyn for 125 years, this short video shows contemporary scenes of the Monastery of the Precious Blood and Retreat House in Borough Park.  The Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood established their first cloister in Brooklyn in 1890, and moved to the completed monastery on Fort Hamilton Parkway in 1910.  Today, our contemplative sisters of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará (Religious Family of the Incarnate Word) also live in the monastery. Their Monastery of St. Edith Stein was established in Brooklyn in 1998 in Flatlands, and the community was invited to the Precious Blood Monastery in 2011.

Scenes include the outside of the monastery, the main church, and the cloistered half of the church.  (2:02) There are also scenes of the parlor where sisters can meet with guests and offer liturgical vestments, rosaries, holy cards, scapulars, parish banners and other commissioned work are also made by the sisters to support their way of life and to pray for those who will use these items. (2:37) Additionally, the film shows scenes of daily life in the monastery, the cloister, and the enclosed garden where sisters grow vegetables, pray, and enjoy time together outdoors.  (4:49) There are also scenes of the Retreat House which hosts groups and individuals for periods of retreat and prayer.

Two graces: Poverty and Persecution (25:14) on Padre Carlos Buela, IVE YouTube Channel (or Padre Buela Vimeo Channel)
We are pleased to share one the videos made by Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela, IVE, our founder, with accompanying English subtitles.

Wake Up the World: NET Video of the Servants of the Lord in the Diocese of Brooklyn
Made in honor of the Year of Consecrated, this video includes interviews with our contemplative sisters at the historic Monastery of the Precious Blood in Borough Park.

IVE Ordination to the Priesthood (1:50) on IVE Seminary Vimeo
A lovely new short video looking back at the ordinations of 2014 and inviting everyone to the upcoming ordinations on May 30, 2015.  Let us pray for all our priests and deacons, especially those of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word soon to be ordained for the missions.

Pure of Heart: IVE Youth Festival 2015 (3:55) on IVE Seminary Vimeo
A thoughtful and beautiful video for anyone — those who would come to our IVE Youth Festival (registration in local parishes or through direct SSVM / IVE contacts), or those who are already out of high school.  Really, a beautiful video for all of us who are called to be “pure of heart” at whatever age and in whatever vocation.

Universitas 2015 (1:42) on IVE Seminary Vimeo
Enjoy the new promotional video for the upcoming Universitas event for college students and young adults in Upstate New York, May 24-28.

Spiritual Maternity (3:15)on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel 
As part of our reflections for the Year of Consecrated Life, we offer this short video about spiritual Maternity.  The texts are drawn from the 2007 document on “Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity”, St. John Paul II’s “On the Dignity of Women” (Mulieris Dignitatem, 1988), our own Constitutions, and the  address of Pope Francis to members of the International Union of Superiors General (I.U.S.G.) gathered in Rome on May 8, 2013.

IVE Pro-Life 2015 (2:17)
Come march with our Religious Family!  This short video highlights how the IVE seminarians take seriously the exhortation of Pope Francis on the occasion of the World Youth Day in Rio: “hagan lio…quiero que se salgan afuera!” (“Make some noise [here in Rio] but I also want you to make some noise in the dioceses and to take it out [to whole world]!”).  The voices of the Pro-Life movement are young and confident because of the joy that comes from Christ when one fights for what is true.

10 for 10 Why We March (6:25): a Video of the March for Life with St. James Academy in Lexena, KS
Two of our sisters connected with this school (one as a teacher, one as an alumna) join the voices of the St. James Academy reflecting on “why we march”.

I Will Follow (10:40)
Ascension Press offers this beautiful short film following the vocations of two young men to the priesthood.

Come and See 2015 (2:01) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel 
Learn more about our upcoming Come and See Discernment Retreat in March 2015.


Star Weirds (51:53) on IVE Seminary Vimeo
Our IVE brothers prepared this video parody of Star Wars for the 2014 IVE Youth Festival — anything to make teenagers laugh! With artful cinematography and quality soundtrack, this homemade video is surprisingly good.  It even has a point at the end.  Pop some pop-corn and enjoy!

Star Weirds from IVE Seminary on Vimeo.


A Day in the International Juniorate (in Dutch) (24:07)
A Dutch journalist travels to Italy to visit Mother Anima Christi, our General Superior, and to see the International Juniorate in Tuscania.  While some portions can be skipped for those of us who do not understand Dutch!…much of the film shows scenes of the daily life and the large monastery where nearly 90 sisters come to study during their formation.

Perpetual Vows of a Contemplative Sister in Brooklyn, New York (3:16)
SSVMUSA YouTube Channel: scenes of contemplative life in our monastery in New York, and the March 19, 2014 Mass of St. Joseph in which Sr. Virgen Morena made her final vows.

Santi e Papi (1:17)
YouTube Channel of Imago Mundi of  the Canonization of St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II, April 27, 2014 in Rome

Vita Consecrata – 10 of 10 – Closing Prayer to Mary (1:39)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 9 of 10 – To Families (1:19)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Universitas 2014 – Catholic Formation for College Students: May 18th – 22nd (1:05)
from IVE Universitas website – includes more information, photo gallery and how to register

Vita Consecrata – 8 of 10 – Unbounded Generosity and the Call to Young People (3:39)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 7 of 10 – The Vows and Community Life (2:00)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 6 of 10 – What is the Vow of Obedience? (1:39)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 5 of 10 – What is the Vow of Poverty? (1:26)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 4 of 10 – What is the Vow of Chastity? (2:25)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 3 of 10 – Why Profess Religious Vows? (1:50)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 2 of 10 – The Trinity and the Evangelical Counsels (2:49)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Vita Consecrata – 1 of 10 – Introduction to Consecrated Life and the Evangelical Counsels (2:14)
Vita Consecrata Video Series from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

Fourth Vow of Marian Consecration (5:41) from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

SSVM Come and See 2014 (1:41) from SSVMUSA YouTube Channel

IVE Come and See 2014 (0:37) March 28-30, 2014 (more info / schedule / to register on-line)
from IVE Seminary Vimeo Channel

Pray for the Missions (3:14)
from IVE Missions Vimeo Channel

World Youth Day 2013 Rio – Recap of the Week of Charity in San Rafael (2:39)
from IVE Seminary Vimeo Channel

World Youth Day 2013 Rio – Recap of the Marian Shrines and Role of Mary in our Lives (2:58)
from IVE Seminary Vimeo Channel

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Short news video about the 25th Anniversary by H20 News.[English]

About Our Family

25th Anniversary of our Religious Family (1984-2009) This video tells the history of our Religious Family with interviews with our founder, Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela.
[English] [Spanish] [Italian] [Russian]

Blessed John Paul the Great and our Religious Family [Italian]

A Day in the Life of the Seminary, a look at the daily routine of our seminary in Segni, Italy.
[English] [Spanish] [Italian] [German] [Ukrainian]

The IVE Vocation: how religious religious life fulfills Jesus’s words, “Whoever wishes to come after me must take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Lk.9:23)[Italian] 

View this short news video about the 25th Anniversary by H20 News.[English]

The Prado Family: A Catholic Family The story of a family that has been open to life and have been blessed with many religious vocations [Spanish, Italian subtitles]

Our Apostolate

IVE Missions Around the World, a comprehnsive video of our apostolic work.[Italitan text]

Children of God House, a look at our home for disabled children in Bethlehem by H20 News.

Works of Mercy in Peru M. Anima Christi Van Eijk, SSVM, our General Superior from the Netherlands, visits our works of mercy in Peru in this short video (14:17 min.) narrated in Dutch with Spanish in the background.


The Eastern Rite in our Family: our Fathers and sisters in the “second lung of the Church.” [mostly images with music, Italian text]

IVE In Papua New Guinea: a stirring video about our Religous Family’s experience in this challenging mission fields. [English][Spanish]

ssvm.tanzaniaschoolKindergarten in Tanzania Our Religious Family opened a small school in 2013. This video shows the children and their parents throughout the semester.
Youth Festival

An Outing in Rome, see Rome with the youth group from our parish in Segni, Italy. [Italian]

Three Muskateers, a funny take on the classic tale with a good moral and twist ending. [Italian with English subtitles]

Other Recommended Videos

Our Lady of Lujan: A short documentary about this miraculous image and the Shrine dedicated to it. [English]