Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela, IVE, our founder, has been engaging in the New Evangelization through use of the media for many years, encouraged by the example of Ven. Fulton Sheen whom he has always greatly esteemed.  (Here is a short video of Fr. Buela recalling an encounter with Ven. Fulton Sheen.)

Below are archived videos — both old and new — of Fr. Buela discussing important topics, recalling meaningful experiences, and reflecting on aspects of our Religious Family such as the Fourth Vow of Marian Consecration and the practice and virtue of “eutrapelia” (community time of joyful recreation). Additionally there are selections from the preaching of the Spiritual Exercises and archived videos from the 1980’s.

Some of Fr. Buela’s videos have English sub-titles, more will be added as they are completed.

The following videos are all delivered in Spanish.  Additional videos can be found on his website:

Below is the Introduction to the Spiritual Exercises on-line as preached by Fr. Buela.

This is the first of a 13-part conference given in the 1980’s.