Over the past few years there have been a number of short videos and articles about our monastic community here in the middle of Brooklyn.  Some of them have been made by our own sisters, and others by both Catholic and secular news reporters.

We gather them here with the hopes of sharing with you a part of our lives offered for the world, for the Church, and for you and your intentions.

You can send us prayer intentions through the “Pray for me” on-line prayer community based in the Diocese of Brooklyn which we commit to praying for in our daily life of silent sacrifice and the seven liturgical hours we chant every day.


2015, October 11 – SSVM Contemplative Professes Perpetual Vows at the Precious Blood Monastery

2015, September 27 – Pope Francis and Contemplative Life in the Middle of Brooklyn

2015, August, 9 – Saint Edith Stein and the Monastery of the Precious Blood: A New Video about Our Contemplatives

2015, January 5 – New Year at the Monastery: Another Sister enters Contemplative Branch

2014, August 23 – From the Monastery: Perpetual Profession and New Sisters enter Contemplative Life

2012, October 13 – News from the Monastery

Most Precious Blood Monastery (30:31) on NETTVCATHOLIC Channel

This 2016 episode of “City of Churches” offers a tour of the art of the main church with explanations and history given by the cloistered sisters of both congregations: Adorers of the Precious Blood and the Servants of the Lord.  Footage includes archived images, answers to frequently asked questions, and a standing invitation for those who would visit this beautiful monastery in the middle of Brooklyn!

Monastic Life in the Middle of Brooklyn (5:37) on SSVMUSA YouTube Channel
Celebrating the legacy of monastic life in the middle of Brooklyn for 125 years, this short video shows contemporary scenes of the Monastery of the Precious Blood and Retreat House in Borough Park. The Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood established their first cloister in Brooklyn in 1890, and moved to the completed monastery on Fort Hamilton Parkway in 1910. Today, our contemplative sisters of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará (Religious Family of the Incarnate Word) also live in the monastery. Their Monastery of St. Edith Stein was established in Brooklyn in 1998 in Flatlands, and the community was invited to the Precious Blood Monastery in 2011.

Scenes include the outside of the monastery, the main church, and the cloistered half of the church. (2:02) There are also scenes of the parlor where sisters can meet with guests and offer liturgical vestments, rosaries, holy cards, scapulars, parish banners and other commissioned work are also made by the sisters to support their way of life and to pray for those who will use these items. (2:37) Additionally, the film shows scenes of daily life in the monastery, the cloister, and the enclosed garden where sisters grow vegetables, pray, and enjoy time together outdoors. (4:49) There are also scenes of the Retreat House which hosts groups and individuals for periods of retreat and prayer.

Yes, those were our sisters greeting Pope Francis on the tarmac at JFK!  A group of our contemplative sisters of the Monastery of St. Edith Stein were invited to offer flowers and cookies (“alfajores” traditional Argentinian shortbread with “dulce de leche” carmel) to the Holy Father.  A journalist from Currents NY prepared this report about the encounter with Pope Francis: “Contemplative Nuns Recount Pope Meeting” (2:49).

Video in Spanish made in Anticipation of the Pope’s Visit to the USA
NET TV offered this interview with our contemplative sisters in the days before the visit of Pope Francis to the United States.  Not know, at that time, that they would in fact be able to greet him personally.

Wake Up the World: NET Video of the Servants of the Lord in the Diocese of Brooklyn
Made in honor of the Year of Consecrated, this video includes interviews with our contemplative sisters at the historic Monastery of the Precious Blood in Borough Park.

Perpetual Vows of a Contemplative Sister in Brooklyn, New York (3:16)
SSVMUSA YouTube Channel: scenes of contemplative life in our monastery in New York, and the March 19, 2014 Mass of St. Joseph in which Sr. Virgen Morena made her final vows.

The international organization Aid to the Church in Need (Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada) has made a short video in Spanish (9:50 min) about our contemplative sisters at the Monastery of the Patron Saints of Europe. Although it does not have subtitles, each sister is presented individually and the video includes scenes of their life in the monastery as well as images from our foreign missions for whom they commit pray constantly. It is a little visit to their monastery!

Spiritual Maternity (3:15)
As part of our reflections for the Year of Consecrated Life, we offer this short video about spiritual Maternity. The texts are drawn from the 2007 document on “Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity”, St. John Paul II’s “On the Dignity of Women” (Mulieris Dignitatem, 1988), our own Constitutions, and the address of Pope Francis to members of the International Union of Superiors General (I.U.S.G.) gathered in Rome on May 8, 2013.