view.of.Monastery.from.Fort.Hamilton.ParkwayA special “Monastery Fund” is being established to support contemplative life at the historic Monastery of the Precious Blood on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn, New York.

In the letter below addressed to Brooklyn Catholics and friends of the Monastery, you too may learn more about the two contemplative communities of sisters living side by side at the monastery, as well the retreat house at the monastery complex.  Thank you for your generosity and prayers for this special monastery fund.  God Bless you!



August 4, 2014
Dear Friends,

Often, upon meeting us for the first time, people remark that they have passed the monastery every day for years, but never knew what it was. Yet, since 1910, the Precious Blood Monastery on Fort Hamilton Parkway has been the home of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood, a cloistered, contemplative community often referred to as the “powerhouse of prayer” for the Diocese of Brooklyn and for the world.ssvm.contemplatives.and.precious.blood.sister

In December 2011, the Precious Blood Sisters gladly opened their doors to welcome another cloistered, contemplative community, the Sister Servants of the Lord from Argentina, who were in dire need of adequate housing.  Since then our two communities have been happily sharing the monastery, as well as daily Holy Mass and other prayer times. However, each group follows its own particular Charism and Holy Rule.

The monastery is presently in need of strong financial help. Because of our religious vow of poverty, we rely completely on Divine Providence as well as on the generosity of benefactors for our temporal needs.

St. Edith Stein Monastic Community at prayer compressedSince work is part of contemplative life, the sisters Servants of the Lord spend part of their time making homemade preserves, cookies, rosaries and prayer cards.  Their main work is that of making church vestments, yet this revenue is only a small help towards supporting the monastery.  During the spring and summer months, they have also been enthusiastically cultivating a vegetable garden, but its produce has only slightly decreased the grocery bill.  As you see, financial help is needed for our two groups to maintain the monastery and continue on.

On a joyful note, however, our retreat house which has just been refurbished will open in September, and we trust it will be a place of spiritual enrichment for many, just as it has been in the past!  Please come and see it yourselves! (Our latest brochure is available as a PDF file: Monastery.of.the.Precious.Blood.Retreat.House)Precious Blood Monastery Church compressed

Most of our long time benefactors have now gone to the Lord and their strong assistance is sorely missed.  We need a new surge of enthusiastic benefactors to step in and take their place. 

Would you be willing to “jump into the fray” and be one of them?  

Whatever financial help you could give us, large or small (though no gift made with love is small in the sight of God), would be deeply appreciated.  And your reward would be the Blessing of the Precious Blood of Jesus upon yourself and all your loved ones, as each day we bring your needs to the Altar of God in prayer.

Sr.Mary.of.the.Precious.BloodMay Jesus, Mary, and Joseph inspire you to help us in whatever way you find possible!

With our deepest gratitude and promise of prayer,

Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
Sister Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará

 Monastery of the Precious Blood
5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11219

 Donations may be made by check to “Servants of the Lord” (MEMO: Monastery Fund) and mailed to the address above; or by using the PayPal button at the top of the page.

You may also consider ordering a copy of “The Story of the Precious Blood” a 125th Anniversary Commemorative Book about the history of the monastery with new color photos.

Please send us your prayer intentions as well.  God Bless you!

This new film (2016) offers a tour of the art of the main church with explanations and history given by the cloistered sisters of both congregations: Adorers of the Precious Blood and the Servants of the Lord.  Footage includes archived images, answers to frequently asked questions, and a standing invitation for those who would visit this beautiful monastery in the middle of Brooklyn! Thank you!