With great joy, we share the news of the five sisters in our Province who professed perpetual vows in September!  New Spouses of Christ!


September 14th in Washington, DC

The Exaltation of the Cross on September 14th is the central feast of our congregation since we wish to follow Christ to the foot of the Cross like the first “Servidoras”, those women who accompanied Christ and the Apostles (Lk 8:1-3).


It is also the day when we honor the Cross of Matará from which we derive the second part of our name as tied to the iconography of Christ and of Mary on the missionary cross: “Servants of the Lord (of Matará) and the Virgin (of Matará).


Sisters from many part of the Province gathered in Washington for the celebration beginning with solemn Matins at St. Anthony’s parish in Brookland on September 13th.


On Thursday, September 14th the Holy Mass was celebrated in the Crypt Church of the Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, presided over the Mass accompanied by many concelebrants including the Provincial Superior of the IVE, Fr. Alberto Barratero, IVE  many other IVE priests as well as diocesan priests.  We were especially grateful for the presence and support of Msgr. Frank Depman (Archdiocese of Philadelphia) and Msgr. Charles Pope (Archdiocese of Washington).



During the Mass, three sisters made their perpetual profession of poverty, chastity, obedience, and our fourth vow of Marian Consecration:

  • Sr. María Tonantzin Cervantes, SSVM (Mexico, missionary in Brooklyn, NY)
  • Sr. Maria Hagia Sophia Clemens, SSVM (Maryland, formator in the House of Studies, Washington, DC)
  • Sr. María Madre de las Americas Flores, SSVM (Texas, missionary in Egypt)

The rite of perpetual profession includes the prostration during the Litany of the Saints, the pronouncement of the formula of vows into the hands of the Provincial Mother Superior, the signing of the document of the vows on the altar, the solemn consecration of the professed by the bishop, the presentation of the insignia (wedding ring, crown, and Constitutions), and the embratio (greeting by other perpetually professed members of the community).








Among those making perpetual profession, one sister has two other sisters who are also in our community.  M. Parousia (missionary in Canada) gave a double-sister greeting to Sr. Sophia on this occasion!  Congratulations Clemens family!





September 18th in California

Two other sisters made their perpetual profession in their home state of California surrounded by family and friends at the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara, California.

  • María Virgen de San Juan de los Lagos Vargas, SSVM (Mexico/California, missionary in Washington, DC)
  • María Doule Kyriou Hernández, SSVM (Mexico/California, missionary in Toronto)

Sr. San Juan also has another family member in the congregation, her older sister Sr. Talpa.  Special congratulations to the Vargas family!



Three other novitiate classmates will also profess perpetual vows abroad before the end of the year: Sr. Marie Notre Dame de Rouen Legere (New Hampshire, missionary in France), Sr. Maria Mater Boni Remedii Riddick (New Zealand, missionary in Papua New Guinea), and Sr. Malia Fa’e ‘ae Koluse ‘oe Saute Lomi (Australia/Tonga, missionary in Papua New Guinea).

Blessings and congratulations to all!  Please pray for the holiness and perseverance of these sisters as they live out the call to be all and only for Christ, through Mary, for the salvation of many souls.  Our Lady of Lujan, Mother of our Vocations, pray for us!