All the baptized are called to share in the missions of the Church.  Some people offer themselves for Spring Break mission trips.

lay mission guyana 1

Others even commit for a whole summer, or a year, or two years to serve Christ on campuses, walks across America, and foreign missions.


But what about when God invites a soul to make of one’s life the combination: a religious vocation to be totally conformed to Christ in His Poverty, Chastity and Obedience…


and to be a missionary…not for a season, but for life!


What is the Religious Vocation to be a missionary for life?  Come and See!

Young men and women ages 18-35 are invited to visit our Religious Family of the Incarnate Word in the Metro DC area over the weekend of April 7-9, 2017.


What is a missionary religious priest?

The IVE Priests invite young men interested in the missionary life to “come and see”.  Registration available on-line.

What is a missionary religious sister?

We invite young women ages 18-35 interested in learning more about religious life in our missionary family:  on-line registration is still open for the event held in Washington, DC from April 7 – 9.

Come and See!  Registration is still open!