Two international houses of our sisters each have a new home!  The historic Poor Clare Monastery in Tuscania has been home to our International Juniorate for many years now.  But on February 22nd, this location became the site of our new Monastic Formation House.

A Central House of Monastic Formation: Monastery of St. Joseph in Tuscania 

Previously, when our sisters were admitted to the contemplative branch they entered into one of the existing monasteries to begin their four-year experience and on-going discernment.  Now, the Monastery of St. Joseph in Tuscania will be the starting point for all of the new contemplatives.


Following a procession through the streets of the city, the official mass of enclosure was celebrated in Tuscania.


During the ceremony, our monastic sisters passed to the enclosure.  Some had come from other monasteries to continue their formation there, while others were entering the contemplative branch for the first time.

Tuscania-SSVM-Monastic-Formation-HouseA number of sisters originally from our Province were among this founding group of monastic formation: Sr. Maria Forma Dei (Pennsylvania), Sr. Mary Mother of Hope (Pennsylvania), Sr. Moira Chroi Iosa (Minnesota), and Sr. Marie Trône du Roi (Louisiana).


The International Juniorate moves to Bagnoregio

Meanwhile, the International Juniorate has a new home too.  The sisters have been welcomed to be in residence at the old Franciscan convent in Bagnoregio, the hometown of St. Bonaventure.



This large community serves two groups of sisters: Third Year sisters from around the world, and the Juniorate for the First and Second Year sisters from the European Novitiate, Ukrainian Novitiate and Egyptian Novitiate.  A large opening mass introduced the local people to our sisters and pray for the new presence of sisters in formation.  The bishop led the introductions!




Following the Mass the sisters gathered for a reception and celebration of the new home for our missionary sisters in formation.



We give thanks to God for His Providential care of our sisters!  May St. Joseph, St. Bonaventure, and St. Teresa of Jesus (patroness of the Juniorate) pray for us!

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