August-saints“It is thanks to the Holy Spirit that the ways of life of believers, quite removed from each other though they may be in space, time, rank, status, sex and age, are nevertheless linked together by one and the same faith and love.” De Templo, 18.9, the Venerable Bede (673-735), Saint and Doctor of the Church


Family members of Sr. Crown of Purity dress as saints during the family dinner on the Vigil of All Saints the night before the ceremony.

On the Solemnity of All Saints we celebrated this great mystery of the union of love between Christ and all His saints which is found in the Heart of the Church.


“Surrounded by a cloud of witnesses” (Cf. Heb 12:1) fourteen of our young sisters made their first profession of poverty, chastity, obedience and Marian consecration on November 1, 2016.


The Holy Mass was celebrated at St. John Baptiste de la Salle in Chillum, Maryland, the parish seat of the IVE Venerable Fulton Sheen House of Formation where our IVE brother seminarians study.



His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick presided over the Mass which was concelebrated by Fr. Alberto Barattero, IVE, the Provincial Superior of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, alongside many other IVE priests and visiting diocesan priests from the Diocese of Bismark and the Archdiocese of New York.


Mother Mary of the Immaculate Conception Ambrogio, SSVM, our Provincial Superior, received the vows and many sisters from the Province were able to be present for the celebration.  The insignia of the professed sisters is the blue veil and the white crown of flowers (worn at the time of first profession, perpetual profession, and for her burial after death).

In addition to the sisters professing temporal vows of one year for the first time, nearly 25 other junior sisters also renewed their temporal vows during the same Mass.


Ranging from age 20 to 28, the sisters have come from across the country and even one from the Caribbean nation of Suriname and another from Sri Lanka who grew up in Australia.



The presence of so many family members and friends also made the celebration into a vivid sign of the whole Universal Church as we journey together towards Heaven.


The full church felt much like an ark, full of all kinds of souls, weathering the storm of this world, but seeking a “better homeland.”  Following the Mass, we gathered to celebrate outside the Church and for a reception in Forestville, MD.




Cardinal McCarrick with visitors of Wachula, Florida (Diocese of Venice)

Cardinal McCarrick with visitors from Wachula, Florida (Diocese of Venice), hometown of Sr. Maria Puerta de la Misericordia.


Wood Family with their first child, Sr. Mary Crown of Purity.

Caribbean vocations from Suriname and Guyana celebrate with Sr. Passie van Christus.

Caribbean vocations from Suriname and Guyana celebrate with Sr. Passie van Christus.

Roa Family (minus 3) rejoice with Sr. Maria Pia Mater.

Roa Family (minus 3) rejoice with Sr. Maria Pia Mater.

Please join us in giving thanks to God for the generosity and joy of these newly professed sisters, and let us all pray for one another as we seek to become the saints that God so desires for us to become!




Newly professed sisters with His Eminence Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, M. Immaculate Conception (Provincial Superior), M. Aeiparthenos (Mistress of Novices) and M. Servant of the Cross (Superior of the Juniorate House of Studies). Thank you, Mothers, for your work in formation!