Mother Laudis Gloriae, SSVM, superior of the house of the sisters of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word in Aleppo, sent us the following news this week.


Sister Mariam al Mahabba and Sister Maria Sponsa Iusti Ioseph in the convent chapel in Aleppo.

“On Saturday in the evening (October 22, 2016), we were in the chapel of our house where we were participating in the Holy Mass presided by Fr. David Fernández, IVE.

After the Mass we had the consecration of our Community to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  (As is our custom this was done with a procession through the convent with holy water and the enthronement of an image of the Sacred Heart.)





In this moment we heard a very loud noise.  Afterwards we learned that a missile had fallen in the garden of the Carmelite Sisters, which is next-door to our house.



The missile fell around 9:30 at night when we were in Mass, but it didn’t explode.  The size of the missile was about 3 meters (9.8 feet).  Immediately after the Mass, the Carmelites contacted Fr. David with the news.


At midday on Sunday the special forces came to disarm the missile.


God continues to show Himself as a Good Father and for this we cannot cease to thank Him.

We entrust ourselves to your prayers, and ask that God fill you with His gifts for all that you are doing for us.  Please be assured as well of our prayers for you.”



Translated from the Spanish posts on the “SOS Cristianos en Siria” Facebook page.  Let us all continue to pray for peace in the Middle East and especially all the Christians there who suffer for their faith.  May God continue to bless the religious who accompany them with prayer and presence.  Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

[original post on “SOS Cristianos en Siria” Facebook about the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus]

[original post on “SOS Cristianos en Siria” Facebook about the missile that fell during the Mass of the Consecration]