As the world’s Catholic youth gather in Poland around Pope Francis to grow in the life in Christ, we celebrate and pray in a special way for the groups of youth accompanied and led by missionaries of our Religious Family.

From all the corners of the world, we have brought our youth and our young missionaries to World Youth Day in the “hometown” of Saint John Paul the Great, our Spiritual Father.  May his prayers bring all the youth the confidence to become saints: Be Not Afraid!


Follow these links to fotos.ive.org to find images of the groups from around the world:

IVE group from Brazil!

IVE group from Cyrpus!

SSVM missionary sisters from Luxembourg with the diocesan group from Luxembourg!

IVE group from Hong Kong!

IVE group from North America! (our group!)

IVE group from Argentina!

IVE group from Italy, the “Voci del Verbo”! (Voices of the Word, an IVE young adult apologetics group in Italy)

IVE group from Spain!