The contemporary digital forum allows us not only to keep up with news of our own missionary priests and sisters around the world, but also to provide our friends and families with opportunities as well.

“Pray with Us”: Two General Chapters

This summer both branches of our Religious Family (IVE and SSVM) are holding General Chapters in Italy.  Any time a congregation gathers for a general chapter to elect members to leadership and to decide the course of the community moving forward, the first thing they do is to pray together invoking the aid and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Chapter Mothers have just completed their week-long silent Spiritual Exercises (photos “Trip to Conversano and the beginning of the Spiritual Exercises”) in preparation for the working sessions of the chapter beginning Monday, June 27.  The Chapter Fathers will have their silent retreat during the first week of July.


Our priests, sisters and brothers around the world have already undertaken prayer initiatives for the fruits of the chapters.

We now also invite our friends, family members, and members of the Third Order to join us especially during two sets of “96 hours of prayer” which will act like bookends for the two chapters.

(1) Monday, June 27 – Thursday, June 30
These dates coincide with the first four working days of the Chapter of the sisters and the four days that immediately precede the Chapter of the IVE.

(2) Monday, July 11 – Thursday, July 14
This block coincides with the first working week of the Chapter of the IVE and with the last week of the Chapter of the SSVM.

Opportunity to Sign up On-Line to Pray with Us

The idea is to offer pray continuously by turn around the world, whether before the Blessed Sacrament or from one’s own home.


To cover all the hours, we have set up a website called (which translates “”) where people can sign-up.   The hours are listed in international (“military”) time and based on GMT-3 time zone (GMT-3 is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time, i.e. 10:00am New York (EST or GMT-4) is 11:00am Buenos Aires (GMT-3) as listed on the sign-up.  For Continental US times zones in their international Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) terms are: EST=GMT-4, Central Time=GMT-5, Mountain Time=GMT-6, Pacific Time=GMT-7).

The site is currently available in Spanish and in Italian, but a translated guide to signing up is provided here for English-speaking user (copy the print-screen based “guide” below as a digital reference to facilitate signing-up, then start by clicking “subscribirme” [“sign me up”] on the far right or just scrolling to the bottom.)


This site is similar to the existing website that the mothers of our religious have organized to pray for vocations once a month in turns of “40 Hours Devotion” (


Thank you for praying with us!

“Photos of the Week” and Monthly Video of News Briefs from Around the World

Recently a new website was also set up in order to gather together the many photos of our missionary works around the world.  “Fotos del IVE” (Photos of the IVE) speaks without need of words!

While the brief subtitles are posted in Spanish, the photos themselves (often from local Facebook or Google Plus albums of our missions) tell the story most eloquently.  From Spanish to English most country names are recognizable with a little flexible thinking (e.g. “Italia” is Italy, “Lituania” is Lithuania, “Jordania” is Jordan, etc.).


Similarly, a 9 minute monthly “news program” has been launched to share updates from around the world.  “Id por todo el mundo” (“Go to all the world”) quickly brings one up to speed on the service of our missionaries in the Church from Tanzania to Ecuador to Papua to Italy!

Learn, pray, and share in our mission to prolong the Incarnation through the evangelization of culture.

Don’t forget to pray for the General Chapters, that the Holy Spirit may continue to guide, aid, and be at the center of our Religious Family — now and in the future.  God Bless you!