Our international missionary news website in English, www.instituteoftheincarnateword.org, featured a story at the close of May that happened right here in one of our local convents last year: “The Story of Our Lady of Lujan, a Chasuble, and a ‘Special Grace’ in the Province of the Immaculate Conception: a Photo Essay”.


This article and the photos tell it all!  Enjoy!

Further links:
To see more photos of the chasuble on the occasion of the 2015 ordinations: [article / photo gallery]; To see more about our sisters’ embroideries on our Catholic Culture page Ecclesiastical Embroidery; and to learn about Our Lady of Luján, a true mother [ overviewhistory / papal honors / video ].

Our Lady of Luján whose image has been brought to the Vatican by Pope Francis, pray for all of us!