1-SSVM-colegio-Agustina-Geyer“On a beautiful and melancholic autumn in San Rafael, Friday, April 15th, 2016 at 6:45 am Maria Agustina Geyer Garro passed away at 20 years of age, former student of our high school…”

With these opening words, we wish to share with our readers in the United States a recent story of our sisters at our school in Argentina.  (In the Southern Hemisphere  March, April and May are the fall season, and Christmas is celebrated on a hot summer night with barbecue and fireworks.)8-SSVM-colegio-Foto-Agustina-Geyer

The chronicle has been published in English and includes not only memories and reflections of our sisters who taught Agustina, but also the text of her “thanksgiving speech” offered on behalf of her graduating class (like a valedictorian speech) and a small photo gallery of Agustina with friends from the school.

Her story is one of heroic youth.  Despite her sufferings, she received from God and gave back to God “a life fully lived to the end.”  Her story is also a witness to the privileged apostolate of education for our sisters, in Argentina and in our schools around the world.

With prayers for her family and friends, we say thank you, Agustina, and may we all meet in Heaven one day!