As the whole nation paused at the death of the late Justice Antonin Scalia during this past week, Catholics in a particular way prayed for him and his family and also honored the legacy of such a great American Catholic who served his nation on the Supreme Court.


Today, about a dozen sisters of ours were able to attend the Funeral Mass of Justice Antonin Scalia at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  They were so touched by many of the aspects of the Mass: the entrance of the body through the Holy Doors, the presence of so many diverse mourners, and the powerful homily delivered by his son, Rev. Paul Scalia.  In order to invite our readers to share in this, we are providing links to the various aspects of the Mass:

Complete coverage (2:53:42)

SEE at (29:00) the casket enters the exterior doors of the Basilica and is taken over the left…so as to enter through the Jubilee Door of Mercy

SEE at (29:40) begins the procession from the Upper Sacristy out to meet the body, with the introit Requiem Aeternam being intoned.

Homily of Rev. Paul Scalia (14:19)


Detail of Opening Procession and Women Religious Mourners (0:26) (showing Little Sisters of the Poor, Sisters of Life, Dominican Sisters, Missionaries of Charity, Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara)


May his soul rest in peace, and may our nation benefit from the good of his labors.

Religious Freedom and the Little Sisters of the Poor

We also wished to provide information and links to the important case of the Little Sisters of the Poor concerning the religious freedom of respecting conscience against enforced HHS Mandate.

A website dedicated to providing such information:

FAQ from the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom, whose lawyers are defending the sisters: Frequently Asked Questions: Little Sisters of the Poor

“Women Speak for Themselves” is also featuring ways to support the Little Sisters of the Poor.Little-sisters-of-the-poor-com