This year’s march was different…not that being cold or snowed on is so rare, but because thousands of people had to leave Washington just before the March or cancel their trips outright due to major travel concerns (valid ones, as we saw).  Additionally, because of the “state of emergency” the government buildings and museums were all totally empty, locked up, lights out.

Washington was reduced to empty quiet streets with a few “crazy pro-life protesters” seeking to overturn Roe vs. Wade and the police and emergency responders slowly closing up the rear of the March.


Still, we wore our “IVE 4 Life” hats, made a lot of noise, greeted and encouraged one another, and felt the annual triumph of a civil demonstration against an unjust law on the coldest day of the year.

And–above all–we prayed in front of the Supreme Court.

We were shouting out at the snowy sky and railing against the ghost town of the Federal Government.  But we were fighting the good fight, the real fight of both mercy and justice, the fight for life against the violence of abortion.

If you couldn’t be there, or you were there and had to leave early, this is your chance to Keep Marching for Life in 2016!  As they say, “think globally, act locally”, bring home the noise, the encouragement, the “triumph of a civil demonstration against an unjust law” and the prayer of the March for Life.  Let your march be lived out in your town, city, school, and ambit of influence (however great or small).


This is the Year of Mercy and there is no one as in need of mercy as a woman in a crisis pregnancy and the unborn baby who could die at the hands of “licensed medical professionals”.  Do your part!

Pray.  Be educated and ready to help a classmate, friend, or coworker who turns to you in confidence and fear about a crisis pregnancy.  Volunteer at a pregnancy center.  Write to your representatives in both your local state and at the federal level.  Make it known that human life is precious, and that abortion is not the answer.  Keep Marching for Life in 2016!


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Protector of the Unborn and Patroness of the Pro-Life Movement, pray for us.