photo credit: Anthony Jalandoni Photography

On October 3, 2015, , our sisters of the Monastery of St. Edith Stein celebrated with great joy the third celebration of profession of perpetual vows of one of their members at the historic Monastery of the Precious Blood in Borough Park, Brooklyn.


(Previous professions at the Monastery include Sr. Maria Virgen Morena in March 2014 (video 3:16 min.), and Sr. Maria Mater Cruci Corde Affixa and Sr. Mary Mother of Divine Innocence in August 2014.)

In the holy Mass, Sister Maria Ina Ng Awa (“Mother of Peace” in Tagalog) made her perpetual profession of poverty, chastity, obedience and Marian slavery as a Servant of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará in the contemplative branch.  She is one of the eleven sisters professing perpetual vows across the Province this fall.

The holy Mass also marked a double celebration : the 125th Anniversary of the Monastery founded by the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood in Brooklyn (1890 – 2015) and the perpetual vows.  1940's-group-photo-in-garden

1950's-Sr-Bethlehem(+1954)-Sr-Margaret-Mary(+1955)-Sr-Raymond-Sr-Francis(+1972)-Sr-Claire-Marie(+2002) The Holy Mass was held at 11:00am and celebrated by the Most Reverend Bishop Octavio Cisneros, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn.

The Rite of Profession includes the sung Litany of the Saints while the professanda prostrates, a solemn blessing over the sister, and finally the profession of the formula of vows.

As external signs of this supernatural reality, there are traditional insignia for perpetual profession of a woman religious including the bestowal of a wedding band by the presider on behalf of Christ, the crowning with flowers of the Spouse of Christ symbolizing the crown kept in Heaven, and the embratio (“holy hug”) of the other perpetually professed members of the community.  At the end, Sister Awa returned from the sanctuary to the monastic enclosure.

During the reception guests were able to greet the sisters in the parlor, most notably fellow Filipina sisters and the parents of Sr. Awa who traveled from the Philippines to witness this important moment in the life of their daughter.

May Our Lady continue to bless and guide all consecrated souls, and in a particular way to grant perseverance and joy to those cloistered contemplatives who have professed perpetual vows over the years at the Monastery of the Precious Blood.


Perpetual Profession of Sr. Mary of the Precious Blood in the mid-1950’s.


Sister Mary of the Precious Blood in 2014.