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Photo by John Paraskevas-Pool/Getty Images

Photo by John Paraskevas-Pool/Getty Images

Photo by John Paraskevas-Pool/Getty Images

Yes, those were our sisters greeting Pope Francis on the tarmac at JFK!  A group of our contemplative sisters of the Monastery of St. Edith Stein were invited to offer flowers and cookies (“alfajores” traditional Argentinian shortbread with “dulce de leche” carmel) to the Holy Father. One can see the scene well at the 9:50 mark on the USCCB “video-on-demand” for of the clip “pv-2015-09-26-NY-01-Departs”.


A blogger for the Wall Street Journal posted about his visit with them on Thursday in expectation of the encounter with Pope Francis at st. Patrick’s and at JFK.



An additional video about the encounter with Pope Francis was made by Currents NY: “Contemplative Nuns Recount Pope Meeting” (2:49).

Celebrating 125 Years in Brooklyn: 1890-2015
Our sisters are in residence at the historic Brooklyn Monastery of Precious Blood in Borough Park where they live alongside the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood, founded in 1861 in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec by Mother Catherine Aurelia (1833-1905).


The Monastery of the Precious Blood has been at 5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway in 1910, but their foundation of contemplative life in Brooklyn was made in 1890 while their foundress was still alive.1950's-Precious-Blood-Monastery-Brooklyn



This coming Saturday, October 3rd the Monastery will be celebrating 125 years of contemplative life in the middle of Brooklyn with a special Mass.


Profession of Perpetual Vows
The liturgy on October 3rd will also include the perpetual profession of one of our sisters at the monastery, Sr. Maria Ina Ng Awa (“Mary Mother of Mercy” in Tagalog), a contemplative sister from the Philippines who came to the Brooklyn monastery last year from Italy.  During the Year of Consecrated Life, it is especially beautiful that the faithful are invited to celebrate both the legacy of 125 years of contemplative life and the contemporary total consecration of a new sister.



Mass Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Presence of Adorers of the Precious Blood in Brooklyn
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Holy Mass at 11:00am
Presided by Most Reverend Bishop Octavio Cisneros
5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11219
RSVP: 718-233-2877

Please pray for all the sisters and give thanks to God for all His goodness and for the inestimable worth of the cloistered contemplative life for the Church and for the world.


Precious Blood Monastery Church compressed