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Walking With Francis: First Days in Washington, DC

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¡Viva el Papa!  We share with you some photos and a taste of our joy at welcoming Pope Francis in Washington during his first days here in the United States.  We will shortly share more of our experience from New York and Philadelphia as his visit continues. NOTE: Streaming video and highlights of past events (“video on demand”) […]

Saint Matthew, Pope Francis and the Venerable Bede

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Early on in his pontificate, Pope Francis shared his great affection for St. Matthew since it was on his feast day, September 21, 1953 that the young Bergolio experienced the strong call to be a priest after going to confession. Recently when he was asked about this experience he said: “You asked me to share […]

Sponsa Christi: Eleven Perpetual Vows in the Province

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Veni, Sponsa Christi! “Come Spouse of Christ!” We have the great joy of celebrating the perpetual vows of eleven sisters in our Province this fall during the Year of Consecrate Life.  Some sisters have come home from the foreign missions to profess in the company of their family and friends, while others are currently missionaries in […]

The Parents Behind Religious Vocations

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Yesterday, September 8, the Church celebrated the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Dawn of Salvation.   Many homilies and reflections for this feast day draw us back to those who prepared the way for Jesus through the birth of His Immaculate Mother: Saints Anne and Joachim. For, behind every vocation there stand the […]