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Our Youth Festivals Around the World: a Privileged Apostolate

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And Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him …(Mark 10:21a).  This encounter between the rich young man and Jesus Christ repeats itself down the ages. Young people desire great things, bold endeavors, and “fighting the fight worth fighting.”  The Church has the responsibility to be the loving gaze of Christ towards them, and […]

Gearing Up for Summer 2015

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Right now we stand at a key juncture in both the academic year as well as the liturgical year.  Everywhere there is a change in our activities, a time to rest from studies and to enjoy some vacation from work and to engage in new occupations. The Lord’s Ascension marks the end of His incarnational bodily […]

Celebrating Two New Saints from the Middle East

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Jerusalem in snow (SSVM photo, 2000)

Among the four women religious canonized by Pope Francis on May 17, we wish to highlight St. Marie Alfonsine Danil Ghattas (1843-1927) born in Jerusalem, and St. Mary of Jesus Crucified Baourdy (1846-1878) born in Ibellin (Nazareth).  These two new Arab saints exemplify the shining light of holiness of the 19th Century Christian community in the Holy […]