The Universal Church gathers throughout the world for these days of the Triduum, learning how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, turning our gaze to His suffering and victory, and simply “staying close” to Him as He brings about the mystery of our Redemption.


“[The Cross] was the pulpit of the Preacher, the altar of the Sacrificing Priest, the arena of the Combatant, the workshop of the Wonder-worker.”
St. Robert Bellarmine, Book of the Seven Words, Preamble.


“In the school brought forth from the Incarnate Word we understand that it is divine wisdom to accept his Cross with love: the cross of humility of the reason in face of the mystery; the cross of the will in the faithful fulfillment of all moral, natural, and revealed law; the cross of one’s own duty, arduous and not so gratifying at times; the cross of patience in illness and in every day difficulties; the cross of the tireless zeal to respond to our own vocation; and the cross of the struggle against the passions and the attacks of evil.”
St. John Paul II, Homily in Saint Thomas Parish, at Castel Gandolfo, September 15, 1991.

Berlinghieri crucificion late 13th cent

“Everything is in the Passion. It is there where one learns the knowledge of the saints.” 
St. Paul of the Cross, Letters, 52.Fra Angelico women at the tomb small

“[The Cross] is the fountain of all blessings, it is the cause of all graces; through it, those who believe receive strength instead of weakness, glory instead of shame, life instead of death.”
St. Leo the Great, Sermon on the Passion of the Lord, 6, 8.

Fra angelico women at empty tomb small

May we all draw close to the Heart of Christ so as to pass with Him from the sacrifice of Good Friday to the New Life of Easter!