With great enthusiasm we would like to announce the opening of the new mission of the Servants of the Lord in Mexico!

On Sunday September 21, M. Mater Mundi Quizhpe Cuenca, SSVM and Sr. Maria Virgen de Anáhuac Parra Fierro, SSVM accompanied by Sr. Maria del Tránsito de la Virgen Avellaneda-Cabanillas, SSVM and Mother Maria de la Revelación Castañeda, SSVM arrived in the very colonial city of Merida in Yucatan to the “Home of the Priest”.

SSVM-foundation-in-MexicoThis home which has been entrusted to the care of the SSVM, is an apostolate which emerged by a donation of a house by a family from the Archdiocese of Merida for the specific use of a place of care and rest for elderly priests. For more than fifteen years the Sisters “Aliadas Carmelitas Descalzas de la Santísima Trinidad” of the Diocese of Aguas Calientes have cared for this home with great delicacy and joy, serving the servants of Christ.


Holy Mass of an elderly priest — “You are a priest forever.”

The “Home of the Priest” is furnished with twenty bedrooms available for priests. Seven priests currently reside permanently at the home; while the other bedrooms are used by priests who come for workshops or days of rest. The Home also has facilities available which accommodate diocesan events and meetings of priests on a regular basis.


We entrust this new foundation to the maternal care of the Virgin of Izamal, who has been chosen as the patroness of this new SSVM community and who also serves as patroness of the Archdiocese of Merida.

Our Lady of Izamal

While at the Shrine of Our Lady of Izamal, we received a special blessing for the new mission in Yucatan.

We are very grateful to his Excellency Emilio Carlos Belaunzarán for his invitation, his paternal reception of our sisters to his Archdiocese, and for the special attention granted to those who have labored selflessly serving the people of God.

SSVM Sisters in Mexico
Province of the Immaculate Conception

Outside the Shrine of the Virgin of Izamal

Holy Mass in the Convent Chapel

Holy Mass in the Convent Chapel with our IVE chaplain


Sisters with some of the elderly priests and support staff