People of good will everywhere are called to join in praying for world peace and for an end to the extreme brutality and violence taking place in the Middle East, and spreading.  As Christians we see the open persecution of ancient communities of believers in the lands which first received the Gospel itself.  Beyond even this, we now witness new levels of violence and hatred against all people.  Let us pray in earnest for peace, especially during this Year of Mercy.

“Amigos de Irak” (“Friends of Iraq”) Blog is a blog in Spanish from our missionary IVE priests in Baghdad.


“SOS Cristianos en Siria (Christians in Syria)” is a blog in Spanish with updated with articles from our missionaries in Syria as well as other news sources concerned with the region.



Terra Sancta Franciscan News Service has produced a short video of an interview with our sisters:
“Voices from Gaza: The Sisters of the Incarnate Word” (3:06)

Rome Reports offers short video about the visit between Pope Francis and Fr. Jorge Hernandez, IVE, a priest of our Religious Family in Gaza: “Pope Meets with Priest Based in Gaza”

Province of the Middle East (in Spanish) (IVE “Medio Oriente” — Spanish for “Middle East”)

Many of Fr. Jorge Hernandez’s article from Gaza are on this site (text in Spanish — images are universal).

Please join us in praying for peace with your families and children.  We are all one family before God.