We wished to share with you the missionary reflections (“good nights”) that we gave yesterday at our monthly open house pizza night for young women in the Washington, DC area.

Our reflection followed news from two of our foreign missions: the home for girls with special needs in Egypt and a reflection from one of our priests in Tajikistan on the joy of the missionary using the texts and example of Fr. Segundo Llorente, SJ (the “Yukon Priest”).


To juxtapose the two moments–one of ceaseless and creative care for disabled Arab girls, and the other a reflection on making room for God by the self-sacrifice of a missionary in an isolated region of Central Asia–can also aid all the faithful during their Lenten journey.  When we make sacrifices for Christ, we not only become more free, but we make room for Him and find a deep joy.  May the Lord bless our last days of Lent 2014.

SSVM Egypt: “Home for Children with Different Abilities” on www.ssvmonlus.org

IVE Tajikistan: “One of the Missionary’s Joys” on www.ivemissions.org

Short video about Fr. Segundo Llorente, SJ, the “Yukon Priest”, by HM Television (5:27):