In January, a group of lay missionaries from Australia served in our mission in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Benoshi first served in PNG in 2012, and then returned in January 2014 accompanied by six other young missionaries Jack and Andrew (seminarians Holy Spirit Seminary), Bianca (St Michael’s parish), Joe and Joseph (St John Vianney’s parish) to share the joy she once experienced.

Reflecting back on their time in PNG, they made this short video (11:13) about the Lujan Home for Girls.

To learn more about the Lujan Home for Girls:

6 page description of the Mission in Papua (PDF)
SSVM Onlus website article about the Home for Girls

If you wish to contribute to this mission from the United State, use PayPal to make a tax-deductible donation to the Home for Girls in Papua New Guinea. Your mailing address only will be used to send you a thank-you letter with our tax ID number for your records.


Or send your charitable donations payable to:

Servants of the Lord 
Attn: Home for Girls in Papua New Guinea
28 15th Street SE
Washington, DC 20017

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