prolife-banner-200x300With sorrow and with hope, with deep pain and with great joy, we turn our prayers to the most vulnerable among us who have been deprived of basic legal protection in our country: the unborn.

Each one of us has passed through the silent months of growth in the womb of our mothers.  Our hearts beat, our organs take shape, our fingerprints form, and we flex and kick waiting to be born!

This year for the March for Life, January 22, we unite in prayer, in numbers and in solidarity to show our culture and our government leaders that no unborn child should be left exposed to the violence of abortion.

Women who find themselves alone and scared in the face of unexpected pregnancy deserve true “choices” and options to give birth to the child who is already alive.  Our contemporary culture often refuses to give mothers of unborn children real emotional and financial support, effective adoption programs, and the enduring vision that all people have dignity.  With the help of God, may we all renew our commitment to the cause of life so that the Culture of Life can triumph over the culture of death, beginning with each one of us.

Visit our Catholic Culture Social Doctrine article “Promoting a Culture of Life” for year-round ways to support mothers and babies.

Enjoy this powerful video of the first year of Ward Miles, a premature baby (born at 22 weeks), filmed by his father, Benjamin Scott–celebrating the gift of life!