ssvm.1.22.Durham.St.Cuthbert Every year the Church sets aside November 1st as a great feast day for all those who glorify God in Heaven.  We recall all those who have run the race to the finish, “all who worship Him, great and small.”  There are those saints who have been publicly raised to the honor of the altars as confirmed saints and blesseds of the Church, held up as examples and teachers for all.  There are also those whose names are known to God alone but who have built up the Church on earth by their lives here below and who now rejoice in His presence forever.

We invite you to visit our “Communion of the Saints” Catholic Culture page which offers links to short videos and texts about various saints and blesseds.  By coming to know the stories of these great disciples of Christ we can often find inspiration and direction in our own path to holiness.  As St. Ignatius said when reading the lives of the saints, “what if I did what they did?”, the example of the saints can bring us great strength and encouragement to fulfill our own vocation.  Consider making a pilgrimage to a local saint or blessed in the United States or Canada, there are more than you might think!


Please pray for the sisters who will be making their first vows on the Feast of All Saints, Friday, November 1st in Washington, and for those renewing their vows.  May the Holy Spirit guide our new sisters every day so that they may become faithful Spouses of Christ and courageous missionaries of the New Evangelization.

Finally, we call upon the great throng of “All the Saints” in these last days of October to intercede for us, and in a particular way to protect children and youth from false heroes and all evil. Our Lady Queen of All Saints, pray for us!