Our Religious Family of the Incarnate Word (the IVE priests, SSVM sisters, and IVE lay third order members) has taken seriously the call of the New Evangelization in the digital field.


Recently a number of old sites have been restructured and new websites have been launched  all over the world.  Several of them are in Spanish, one in Ukrainian and another in Portuguese.

For English readers, the videos and images often speak for themselves, while using translator browsers options (like Chrome, etc.) can provide a rough translation of the labels and texts.  (Caveat (“warning”): these translations will be rough, and often based on digital dictionaries which do not include ecclesiastical terminology corresponding to expressions of liturgy and religious life.)

Please pray for the fruits of these missionary efforts in the digital field!


IVE Contemplative Monks’ Monastery in Pueyo, Spain: santuariodelpueyo.verboencarnado.net

IVE Website of the Mission in Papua New Guinea: papuanuevaguinea.verboencarnado.net
direct link to the 17:18 minute video

IVE Website dedicated to the thought and influence of St. Thomas Aquinas: santotomasdeaquino.verboencarnado.net

SSVM Sisters’ General Website (restructuring has begun and is ongoing): www.servidoras.org
direct link to the video gallery


Sisters’ Website of Northern Europe including the missions in Holland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland and Lithuania (available in English, Dutch, Lithuanian, Icelandic and Spanish): www.ssvmne.org

Sisters’ Website in Brazil: www.ssvmbrasil.org

Sisters’ Website in Ukraine: www.lastivky.org
direct link to the video gallery