The Spiritual Exercises are a spiritual retreat developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola to help people re-focus their lives on God, and to provide an opportunity for people to hear God speaking in the silence of their hearts. The Exercises have long been recommended by many saints, including St. Frances de Sales and St Alphonsus Ligouri, both Doctors of the Church.

In an address, Bl. John Paul II said of the Spiritual Exercises that they are “always an efficient remedy to the evil of the modern man who is pulled away by the whirlwind of the human vicissitudes to live out of himself, absorbed in the exterior things. May it be the forge of new men, authentic Christians, committed Apostles.”

What are the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises? Find out more information on the website of IVE America.

Upcoming Retreats Labor Day Weekend 2013, August 29-September 1:

For the West Coast retreat for Women in Spanish (August 29-September 1) in Santa Clara, California: for more information or to request a registration form contact: Fr. Rafael by e-mail at

For the East Coast retreat for Women in English and Spanish (August 29-September 1) in Washington, DC area: for more information or to request a registration form contact: M. Aeiparthenos at or Sr. Filotea at 301-627-5337, $70.