We rejoice with the whole Church at the publication of Lumen Fidei (“Light of Faith”) the first encyclical of Pope Francis.  Building on the draft left by Pope Benedict XVI, our Holy Father has given us a beautiful writing on the nature of faith, its ecclesial expression, and its relationship to our work for the common good.  During this Year of Faith, let us take a moment to hear this message and reflect upon the great gift of faith and its place in our lives.

PDF version of Lumen Fidei
Read Lumen Fidei online through the Vatican website

“Christian faith, inasmuch as it proclaims the truth of God’s total love and opens us to the power of that love, penetrates to the core of our human experience. Each of us comes to the light because of love, and each of us is called to love in order to remain in the light. Desirous of illumining all reality with the love of God made manifest in Jesus, and seeking to love others with that same love, the first Christians found in the Greek world, with its thirst for truth, an ideal partner in dialogue.” Lumen Fidei, 32.