Please enjoy a recent chronicle written by our sisters in Tanzania and a video from our mission there.


“Education is the key of life” – said the first president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere. We want to share with you the wonder and joy of the first six months of activities in our new kindergarten “Stella Matutina”.

We do not fail to see the hand of Providence in all events, big and small and, above all, the astonishing progress of both students and parents during this first year.

Why are the parents involved now? It is obvious that a dad is concerned with the education of his child in countries with normal or high literacy level; however, it is not obvious in countries where the literacy level is low; this is an issue that touches our mission closely. Most of the parents of Ushetu have not finished primary school, but on the last day of classes they came to celebrate with their children because they are united with us by a common intention, that is to make Ushetu a better society, allowing their children to be educated in our little kindergarten.

The individual care we give ensures that every child is stimulated and will be able to make great strides. The children, in the beginning, only spoke the dialect of the tribe. Now they can communicate in the official language, which is, Swahili, respond promptly to the bell, greet the sisters and elders with respect and affection, and sing the anthem of his country and are able to distinguish the colors of their flag. In short, the children who are the future of Ushetu.

We thank all of you because we know that you have accompanied us on this project with your prayers and material help.

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