The U.S. bishops have called for a Fortnight for Freedom, a two-week period of prayer and action, to address many current challenges to religious liberty. The USCCB has compiled a tremendous collection of resources for the faithful to deepen their understanding. The links below are recent headlines from the USCCB Fortnight for Freedom website.Please join us in prayer as well as action to defend our most precious right.


NEW: “Supreme Court Decisions on Marriage: ‘Tragic Day for Marriage and Our Nation.’ USCCB News Release, June 26, 2013  |  En Español

“Catholics, Baptists come together over conscience rights bill.” Catholic News Agency, June 25, 2013

“Faith and Freedom.” Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., . . . June 23 – July 6, 2013

“Faith Enriches Public Life.” Fortnight Opening Homily Archbishop Lori, June 21, 2013

Sacred Property website of the Archdiocese of Washington dedicated to religious freedom which includes a video section.