DIn 2011 sisters from our contemplative branch arrived in L’Ollería, a town near Valencia in Spain, responding to the local bishop’s request that cloistered religious life continue in a historic 17th century monastery no longer in use.  Under the patronage of the “Patron Saints of Europe”, their prayer mission is for Europe to rediscover its Christian roots.  Their lives of prayer and silence are directed in a particular way for the Church’s renewed commitment to the New Evangelization especially in the European lands and cultures whose identity and strength have been shaped by the power of faith in Jesus Christ.  Last year they began to host a site about their life and mission of prayer: http://Monasteriossvm.blogspot.com.es

The international organization Aid to the Church in Need (Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada) has made a short video in Spanish (9:50 min) about our contemplative sisters at the Monastery of the Patron Saints of Europe.  Although it does not have subtitles, each sister is presented individually and the video includes scenes of their life in the monastery as well as images from our foreign missions for whom they commit pray constantly.  It is a little visit to their monastery!

To contact them with a prayer intention or letter of support, you can reach them by post or digitally on-line:

Monasterio “Santos Patronos de Europa”
Font Nova 15
L´Ollería – Valencia