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Our sisters in the Convent of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe serve the large community of Saint Rocco Parish in Avondale in Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Their work of evangelization includes a wide range of  apostolates serving the whole family:

  • Catechism: There are 48 catechism classes each with a catechist and an assistant. For the Sacramental classes, the sisters organize different activities such as Mass, Spiritual Retreats, Works of Mercy for service hours and much more. Last year 204 students received First Communion and 193 students received Confirmation. The Catechism program also includes RCIA classes for young adults.
  • Youth Group: There are about 50 girls (ages 12 to 17) who gather on Fridays for a short talk on a spiritual or moral topic; following the talk the girls have some time for questions and/or to discuss issues they are experiencing. After the talk, there is time for sports and then for prayer. The time for prayer is either a visit to Blessed Sacrament or praying the Rosary. The following are special activities of the group:
    • During the month of May, the girls pray the Holy Rosary at home.
    • During the month of October, there are competitions in drawing, poems, language, cultural studies, and a talent show. These activities help the girls to discover new and hidden talents.
    • Some young adults participate in the Youth Festival organized by the Religious Family.
    • During the month of January, some girls attend the Spiritual Exercises (according to Saint Ignatius of Loyola).
    • During Lent, we pray the Way of the Cross and each girl makes a commitment to recite the Rosary once a day during the week.
  • Home Visits: The sisters visit homes so that they can help those who are separated from the Church and to register new families. Between the months of June and July, the sisters visit up to 200 families.
  • Visits to the Sick: One sister is assigned to visit the sick during the year. The sister goes to the homes of the sick and to hospitals to bring them Holy Communion.
  • Parenting Classes: The purpose of this group is to teach practical skills in raising children and to teach sound moral behaviors in the family and in their community. These meetings are held twice a month for parents with children in different grade levels: 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th.
  • Pre-Cana Group: The group began few years ago to give the necessary formation to the couples preparing to receive the Sacrament of Marriage. This formation is very important for our immigrant families.
  • Parish Office Work: A sister works at the Mission office everyday and the other sisters are assigned other days to assist at the office. While the sisters are in the office they attend to the needs of those that come in for assistance, organize the activities for each day, and prepare for up-coming retreats.
  • Activities During Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter
    • Advent: During the nine days before Christmas Eve, the sisters organize the “Posadas Novena.” It is a Mexican Tradition that consists of going to different houses to pray the Rosary and sing before the manger awaiting the birth of the Child Jesus.
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe: The people and the sisters participate in the “Mañanitas.” It is a traditional custom among the Mexicans: they pray and sing special songs in honor of Mary. During the day, they participate in different Holy Masses, honoring Our Lady. Approximately 3,000 participate every year.
    • Christmas: The play of the Nativity of Jesus is organized by the sisters along with the children and the youth group.
    • Lent: Every Friday the sisters pray with the people the Way of the Cross at the Parish.
    • Easter Triduum: The sisters assist to prepare the Liturgy of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. In addition, the sisters organize the live Way of the Cross, which is performed by the youth of the community.
  • Other Activities During the Year
    Masses: Every weekend all the sisters assist in the preparation of the six Masses, which include sacristy duties and assisting Monsignor Frank Depman in various tasks. Preceding the Mass, the sisters sometimes lead the Rosary.
    Liturgy: In order to improve the Liturgy, the sisters have organized a group of altar servers and hold lector workshops.
  • Oratory for Children: During the year, the sisters organize days of formation, prayers and games for children.

Please pray for these activities, and for all the missionaries in Avondale!