Dr. Joseph A. Cucci D.C., C.E.O. and President of Mission Life International, writes about his visit to our City of Charity in San Rafael, Argentina:

I saw two priests hold up a paralyzed boy so he could dance to a song at a festival. When the music played the boys legs could wiggle and he loved to dance.

I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the Homes of Mercy in the City of Charity. The homes helped me understand the true meaning of mercy. There are hundreds of people, mostly orphaned children, but also people of all ages and many with different mental or physical handicaps.

The nuns and the priests, many still in training, care for the children and handicapped. It’s a job that goes beyond words. Not only do they feed them and often change them but in all honesty I saw them, love them. The children live in total poverty but they are happy. The homes are a family and I often saw young people happily helping out with tasks. Taking someone in from a bad situation and making a meaningful and stable life for them is the true meaning of love and mercy.

While at the orphanage I gave Chiropractic adjustments to 70 priests, 50 nuns, and over 700 men, women, and children. Why would a Chiropractic adjustment be given and how could that work for everyone? It’s because of a condition called a subluxation. A Subluxation (Sub-lux-a-tion) is a misalignment of the spine that causes abnormal motion and nerve interference from brain and body. By removing nerve interference, healthy state of being is restored. By having subluxation the body is not using 100% of its force in the most efficient manner. This left over time causes disease. The body not repairing itself 100%, 100% of the time is the cause of disease. This has been the point of Chiropracty since its inception. The only way the body heals is by healing itself and witnessing it is truly witnessing the miracle of life.

Victoria is a 10 year old girl at the orphanage. She has never been able to lift her left arm. It may have been an injury from birth but it occurred to me it could have been from abuse. Many of these children come from abusive situations. After her adjustment she was able to lift her arm for the first time. It was the miracle that I had traveled thousands of miles to see. I was so thankful to be able to help her. While Victoria had a big miracle I know that everyone that got adjusted had more life and health being expressed in their bodies. To restore life is greater in its worth than any brick of gold.

I am humbled to have visited the Orphanage and to have witnessed the beauty and the miracle of life and humanity. To watch these people care for each other and to be able to assist in a meaningful way has brought a deeper sense of meaning into my own life and for that I am very grateful.

I will be returning to the orphanage in the future and need volunteers. Please contact me for more information at drcucci@hotmail.com.

Dr. Joseph A. Cucci

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