The 4th Annual Girls’ Summer Camp in Guyana took place from July 12-16 with the theme of “I have angels watching over me.” The 32 girls who came were divided into four teams: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Rafael and the Guardian Angels. Each day the girls participated in various activities to win points for their team: sports, swimming, songs, arts & crafts, and catechism. The girls received points not only for winning, but also for practicing virtue throughout the week: generosity, charity, service, good spirit, etc.

We also had the grace of having an IVE priest come each day to camp to celebrate Holy Mass for us. We thank Fr. Javier Correa, Fr. Mariano Varela, and Fr. Humberto Villa for their generosity. In addition to the Holy Mass, the girls had time each day for Morning and Evening Prayer and for the Holy Rosary.

Due to the generosity of many benefactors, we were able to bring the girls camping for free. Many local stores and friends provided for our food and materials for a full week of camp –Thank You! Mother Lumen Christi (missionary in NYC) and Sr. Ark of the Covenant (missionary in Connecticut) would like to thank the sisters in Guyana for inviting them to assist at the camp this year. It was truly a beautiful week full of many graces and a genuine spirit of joy. We give thanks to God and all His Angels for the many blessings received, and we ask for your continued prayers for the mission in Guyana.