On Saturday, May 15, 2010, his Excellency Francis Alleyne, OSB, the bishop of Guyana (the whole country is one diocese) traveled from Georgetown over land and a river open to the sea to St. Francis Xavier Parish in Charity.

He began his visit by meeting the 13 candidates for Confirmation, young people from 5 different chapel communities on the Essequibo Coast and the Pomeroon River. He spoke with them about the importance of the sacrament they were about to receive as well as the relevance it should have in their daily lives.  In a country which is predominantly non-Christian (Hindus and Muslims make up the largest religious groups in Guyana), these 13 young Catholics seeking Confirmation are a sign of Christ’s love in the world and the future of the Church.

The Mass of Confirmation took place on Sunday, May 16 in Charity, followed by a light reception and a cultural show.  Nearly 300 people attended this celebration on Ascension Sunday, many having come from far down the river or from distant communities along the coast.

On Monday evening Bishop Alleyne visited our convent, presided over Evening Prayer, and stayed with us for dinner.  He returned to Georgetown early Tuesday morning.

It is always a great blessing to receive the visit of one of the Successors of the Apostles and we give thanks to God for the 13 newly confirmed souls in our communities. We pray for their strength and perseverance in their journey of faith.